Travel Program (Competitive Club)

The Travel (Competitive Club Program) is for competitive and advanced level players, between the ages of 8 and 14, who demonstrate the desire and ability to learn and play soccer at the next level. We offer a more challenging and competitive playing environment than is typically provided by local recreational leagues.  The primary goal for our competitive team program is to help each player reach his or her maximum potential with regards to soccer, as well as to give our players the best possible resources to develop successful teams.  

Competitive teams are formed in the spring or fall of each year through open tryouts and evaluations. Players are accepted to their team for a one - year (12-month) commitment beginning July 1 to June 30th the following year.  Competitive first teams practice 1 times per week (with the option of a 2nd training per week) during the fall and spring seasons as well as train weekly during the winter. Alba FC Individual teams compete at various levels depending upon the competitive needs of the players involved. Our home field is Lehman HS. Check Directions to the field. If you have any questions about the Competitive Program or would like additional information please contact  us at 

Alba FC Travel Methods of Coaching

Using small sided games to teach - The use of small sided games creates the right environment for player development by allowing players to develop creatively by allowing them to respond to the problems presented by the game.

The game is the best teacher - The best teacher is the game. Our coaches who create a game – like environment during their training sessions have found the key to success.

What is player development - The concept of player development is essential to long term growth and improvement of the player. Player development demands that “the player is central” to all decisions made regarding training and competition.

Practice organization - The game will tell our coaches what the team needs to practice. We say that the game and training have a reciprocal effect. The game indicates what we need to train for and in training we prepare for the game.

Role of the coach Our coaches take on many roles when leading their teams. They fully understand their roles within the overall player development process. Serve as a Facilitator.  As a positive role model.  Understand who they are coaching.

Practice format - Warm up – prepares the players both physically and mentally for the training session. Individual activities - The need for this portion of the practice will depend upon the ability and specific needs of the players. Small group activities - This area includes small group games that may provide a lead into a larger group games or activities. Large group activities and /or team activities – This does not mean 11 v 11. Large group games can be situations that are numbers up, numbers down or even numbered. Cool down – of light exercises and static stretching aids the players to recover from the training session.

Program Details

Starting Date: 

Program includes:



How Often:



Day of the week: 

Each session includes:




Training Location: 



Game Location: 



Uniforms Home & Away kit: 

Program Cost:  

April 11, 2021

8 - 10 games & 10 training sessions

90 minutes

One game & one training session per week

It is based on age group

 Ii is based on age group

Warm Up, Individual activities, Small group activities,   Large group activities and /or team activities, Cool down

Ferry Point Park

10 Hutchinson River Parkway Bronx New York 10465

Lehman High School

3000 East Tremont Avenue Bronx New York 10461

 Price $80

$480  per player per season fall or spring

Alba Football (Soccer) Club

2018 Paulding Ave. 2Fl, Bronx, NY 10462

(347)  610 - 0879

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