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Having 3 boys who have all played soccer (and happily continue to do so), our family has been exposed to many different soccer clubs/programs. The Alba program was among the best when taking into account value for the money, with many programs costing 50-100% more, when taking all costs into account. Equally as important, for someone like myself who has played the sport their entire life, I found the coaching and development to be very strong across all ages. I also found that Coach Mateo and the coaching staff did a great job of striking the right balance between being firm and decisive when needed, while also acknowledging that some players respond better to a softer approach. My sons’ would not be the players they are today without the guidance and development provided through the program. Highly recommended!”

— Marc T. Mamaroneck, NY

“My twin boys started with Alba Soccer program at age 6, played for the traveling team a year later for 6 years, helped them moved to NYSC academy, very good foundation for kids.”

— Luke U. Bronx, NY

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“My son Ryan has been practicing here since he was 4 years old. Many of his skills developed here which helped him become a part of an academy team later on in his soccer career. He practiced here for 6 years and strengthened his skills in order to become such a successful player. Not only did Ryan succeed in making it into an academy team, but many of his other teammates that practiced with him here also have been accepted into prestigious soccer academies. This place creates superstars!!!”

— Joanna S. New Rochelle, NY

Our son had a wonderful experience with Coach Mateo’s program! He has been with the program the last few years and learned a lot technically as an individual and also tactically in team play. We sifted through a lot of different programs and were so fortunate to have found Coach Mateo’s program. He is very passionate, very knowledgeable about the game, and has a great system to teach the game effectively to kids.”

— Johnny P. Pelham, NY

What people say about us?  Watch the video.

Alba FC is an excellent program for my boys. The coaches take the time for individuals, identifying what they need to work on the most. It is an all inclusive program, not too big so as to give every kid adequate playing time. I love it and my kids are very happy with the training and the games.​

— Maureen Kwankam  Bronx, NY

My son is new to the league however he loves it and is very happy... the coach really works on helping them get better with their technique and in each practice i can see my son getting better.. my son is learning to play with this new team and the coach and the other kids have made my son feel welcome.. I appreciate how he works works with the kids and my boy is very happy as well!!!

— Gabriela Tello  Bronx, NY

This is a great club and the coach is very knowledgeable. My son trained with the recreational team for a short time before he became a part of the traveling team and we have nothing but great experience. My son became a very skilled because of this club.

— Marcia M - Bronx, NY

What people say about us?  Watch the video.

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