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Youth Soccer Classes. Great for Beginners

Fall 2022 Season Starts September 10th

Rain or Shine 

The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport, develop life skills and discover a love for the game. Prior soccer experience is not required and there is no tryout. We encourage players that are NEW to the game to come on out and have some fun. It Is the foundation of our club.

Every Saturday we offer 60 minutes of instruction to familiarize girls and boys with basic rules and fundamentals followed by controlled scrimmages. Children play all year around. Classes meet once a week. We are committed in helping each kid reach their full potential by providing personal attention, skill development, and quality instructions. Registrations are being taken on an ongoing basis for ALL girls and boys born between 2006 and 2016. Our objective is to help all players reach their highest potential.

Recreation program curriculum

We provide them with the opportunity to participate in a   soccer experience where they can develop positive self-esteem and build character by learning the virtues of hard work, respect, honesty, self-control, teamwork and sportsmanship. We start them on the right path, set their dreams in motion, fire up their imagination, and leave them empowered to reach those goals. Our coaches are master teachers whose demonstrations include demanding instruction, step-by-step clarification, and playful joking to bring out the most sensitive technical points for children to grasp and imitate.

They have a great understanding cognitive, psycho-social, and motor development of youth, knowledge about components of physical fitness and appropriate training principles, knowledge of sport and physical activities including skills, rules, officiating techniques for a variety of activities. Creating a warm, supportive atmosphere for children and seeing as role models, our coaches are  great leaders for our program.

We emphasize small sided game format 

To allow players to develop in a size appropriate environment. The “Participation and Pleasure” model works exceptionally well in the small sided games environment. Participation is maximized as small sided produces active participation and constant opportunities to play with the ball.

• Excellence is achieved as each player has repeated opportunities to perform, perfect skills and to increase capabilities

• With the increased number of touches, the player is active, gets constant exercise and has opportunities for enjoyment

• Small sided games forces shared decision making, players have to think, learn to anticipate and to react.

• Opponents are valued as the increase the opportunities for exploring the game, learning to use the body with skill and enhance participation. Small sided is truly the player’s game.

Why children play soccer

• To have fun • To be with their friends

• To make new friends

• To improve and learn

• To feel good

• To wear the stuff

Recognizing their desire our recreational program is designed to follow the “Pleasure and Participation” Model. Access is open to all who desire to participate, (The Game for ALL Kids) Emphasis is on active participation (half game playing time) Success is developing each player to their potential Objective is for the players to enjoy the experience Players are to learn the game through learning to make decisions (The Game Within Each Child) Focus is on the CHILD.

Fall 2022 Season Starts September 10th

Rain or Shine 


Program Details

Starting Date: 

Program includes:


How Often: 


Day of the week: 

Each session includes:





Program Cost: 

September 10, 2022

5 Lessons

1 Hour

Once a week

It is based on age group


Footwork, Change of direction exercises, Passing and receiving,

1v1 exercises and small group games 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4.

Ferry Point Park

10 Hutchinson River Parkway

Bronx New York 10465

It is optional. Price $45

$160  per player

100% Money back Guarantee

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