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Up to 8 players
Train with us and get better!

Each class focuses specifically on all of the core skills required to be a successful soccer player. Working as part of a small group is a great way to really develop your skills. In this environment it is possible to focus a great deal of time and energy on developing the skills of the small group. With this type of training we can really focus on a certain area that small group needs to focus on.

Within this environment, our coaches will address the players’ specific needs and goals to improve their individual skills. This guide is essential for players progress as it will help the player keep track of his/her own goals and improvements while ensuring that trainers are developing each training session specific to individual player needs.

Soccer players dressed in sky blue.

Small group training sessions of 2 or more players will include elite technical training instruction from our coaches and will combine a focus on individual skill and technique work with partner and multi-player situational progressions.

In addition to individual footwork drills, group training will include 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 domination series work, partner passing progressions, and game situation drills. Our coaches will create a training environment that promotes positive habits of self-reliance, relentless work ethic, personal accountability, and progressive goal-setting.

Call us to discuss your goals and soccer history and let us show you how our program will make you a confident, more dominant and impactful soccer player. 

soccer practice

Program cost

5 Sessions Bundle


Duration 1 hour

$60 / session / player. 

10 Sessions Bundle


Duration 1 hour

$55 / session / player.

Great Savings!

15 Sessions Bundle


Duration 1 hour

$50 / session / player.

Best savings! 


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