Our skills clinics are monthly programs which are designed to help players serious develop all of the key skills required to be a successful soccer player. Each clinic uses a variety of fast paced, fun and dynamic activities which create an environment that is perfect for player development. We offer a variety of different programs for players of all ages and skill levels. Regardless of whether your child is 5 or 14, a comp player or total beginner, we are sure to have the perfect program for them.

Technical Development Clinics

Designed for players who are looking to dramatically improve their individual skills, The Technical Development Clinic is a fast paced, high energy training program which uses a variety of progressive training activities designed to help players develop specific skills required to be successful in the game. Our Technical Development Clinic embraces all of the elements of soccer to help players develop their skills and put this into a fun yet challenging training environment.

Training Topics:

  • Footskills & Footspeed Development.

  • 1v1 attacking moves and change of direction  skills.

  • Passing & Control.

  • Movement, combination play and small  group  team tactics.

Session Structure:

Each weekly training session uses a variety of progressive training activities focusing on key skills. Participants take part in skill development activities for the first portion of the session and then finish with a regular game where they can test their skills. 

Program Details

Starting Date: 

Program includes: 


How Often:  


Day of the week:  

Each session






  Location 1:


Location 2: 



Location 3: 




Program Cost: 

February 20, 2021.

1 Lesson

 1 Hour

 Once a month

 It is based on age group

 Saturday or Sunday


Warm Up Ball Mastery &Fun Game   -Speed With & Without the ball  -  Moves 1v1 Attack & Defense 1v1 & 2v2  - Group Play Passing, Receiving, Finishing  - Small Sided Games Free & Conditioned.


Public School 36.  

1070 Castle Hill Avenue Bronx New York 10472

 Lehman High School.

3000 East Tremont Avenue Bronx New York 10461

Ferry Point Park. 

10 Hutchinson River Parkway Bronx New York 10465

 It is optional Price $40

 $75.00 / player / Lesson

Alba Football (Soccer) Club

2018 Paulding Ave. 2Fl, Bronx, NY 10462

(347)  610 - 0879

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