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                                    Recreation program                                                                           

Starts February 18, 2023
Great for beginners

Location: MS 101

Address: 2750 Lafayette Ave Bronx NY 10465

The last day to register is February 14th.

First come first serve. 

The schedule will be sent out on 2/15/2023


Recreational Program is a fun-filled soccer program for all players, Boys and Girls from 4-14 years of age. Prior soccer experience is not required and there is no tryout. We encourage players that are NEW to the game to come on out and have some fun.

                                    Travel program                                                                                     

Alba Travel is the most comprehensive program in the Bronx. Tryouts are required. If your child seems to be a dominate player in his town or rec program, this is the challenging program he needs to be a part of.

                                    Development program                                                                       

It is intended to act as a bridge/pathway to our competitive program. The emphasis in this program is on creating technically proficient players that have an understanding of small sided tactics by the time they move forward into the competitive program. 

                                    Small group training program                                                          

Working as part of a small group is a great way to really develop your skills. In this environment it is possible to focus a great deal of time and energy on developing the skills of the small group. With this type of training we can really focus on a certain area that small group needs to focus on.

                                    Private training program                                                                   

If you are looking to seriously improve your soccer skills and to be more of an impact on your soccer team this year then our Individual training classes are deal for you. Working 1 on 1 or is a great way to really develop your skills. 

                                    Monthly clinics program                                                                   

Our clinics are monthly programs which are designed to help players serious develop all of the key skills required to be a successful soccer player! Each clinic uses a variety of fast paced, fun and dynamic activities which create an environment that is perfect for player development

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